Gas Grilling Tips

When you are behind the grill, you are in charge. These important tips can help you at your next cookout.

Tune Up Your Gas Grill

If you’re a year-round griller or even a warm weather barbecue aficionado, it is a good idea to give your grill a quick tune-up once a year.  Here are some tips on getting “Grill Ready.”

Grilling Websites

A smart chef is a well-read chef. Here are links to other websites with grilling info that every backyard griller should see.


Grilling Recipes

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At Blue Rhino, we're cooking with gas! We have a ton of fantastic grilling recipes ready for your culinary exploration. View, select, and give one a try!

Operation BBQ Relief

Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Fires. Floods. Mother Nature can dish out a lot. Blue Rhino will be there to help, through our partnership with Operation BBQ Relief. 

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