Blue Rhino 3-Piece Tool Set

Model: 953968​

If you own a barbecue grill, you probably have the grilling tool trifecta: spatula, fork and tongs. So why not give your barbecue utensils an upgrade with this handsome Blue Rhino® 3-piece tool set by Mr-Bar-B-Q®? All three stainless steel tools are designed with a sleek mirror polish finish and comfort grip handles. The innovative 4 in 1 spatula flips, slices, tenderizes and opens bottles, too!

Blue Rhino Non-stick Grilling Skillet

Model:  507297​

Ever grill something to near-perfection only to have it fall through the grate at the last second? No more of that nonsense! This Blue Rhino® Non-stick Grilling Skillet by Mr. Bar-B-Q® is the perfect solution for grilling small and delicate foods such as vegetables and seafood. Not only is your food safe, but you are as well with the removable handle. Detach the handle so you can close the lid of your grill while cooking, then reattach to remove your food when its done.

Blue Rhino Razor Premium Cover

Model: 916729​

Not all griddle covers are the same. Be sure to protect your Razor® Griddle with this Premium Cover by Blue Rhino®. Made of high quality material, this cover will protect your griddle from the elements while the dual buckles will keep it firmly in place.

Blue Rhino Oversized Scrubber Brush

Model: 06470BR​

Keep your barbecue grill neat and clean in between uses with the Oversized Scrubber Brush by Mr. Bar-B-Q®. The brush has large dual-heads to cover more area quickly and features durable stainless steel mesh pads.

Blue Rhino Cast Iron Skillet

Model: 831927​

With a Blue Rhino® Cast Iron Skillet by Mr. Bar-B-Q®, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck. Perfect for use on grills, stovetops, campfires and in ovens, its even heat distribution will perfectly sear your meat, fish and veggies every time. Its durability will last you for a lifetime.

Blue Rhino Leather Barbeque Gloves

Model:  953969​

Protect your arm and hand from heat when cooking over a grill or campfire with the Blue Rhino® Leather Barbeque Gloves by Mr. Bar-B-Q®. Made of durable leather, they are comfortable as well as functional, allowing the user to handle hot items on a very hot grill.

Blue Rhino Stainless Steel Griddle

Model: 08630BR​

Easily be able to cook everything from pancakes and eggs to cheese steaks and vegetables while in your backyard, tailgating or camping.

Blue Rhino Long Handled Grill Brush with Scraper

Model: 06005BR​

How do you keep your grill clean and ready for the next cookout? This brush with a built-in scraper can help you do just that.

Blue Rhino Deluxe Grid Brush

Model: 06371BR

For every backyard chef, keeping your grill clean is part of the job. This deluxe grid brush can make the job easier.

Blue Rhino Oversized Triple Action Grill Brush

Model: 06415BR

How do you like to scrub your grill? With traditional bristles? How about with a scrubber pad? Or maybe both? The choice is yours with this unique, patented brush.

Blue Rhino Mesh Basket with Stainless Steel Removable Handle

Model: 06814BR

Grill baskets are beautiful. Load one up with vegetables or a stir fry, pop it on your grill, and watch the magic happen. Your stomach will thank you.

Blue Rhino Cast Iron Skillet

Model: 08102BR

Cast iron can bring back great memories. Like an old-fashioned breakfast or other meals cooking on a kitchen stove. Now you can take cast iron outside to your grill. Yum! 

Blue Rhino Silicone Brush Basting Bottle with Storage Cap

Model: 40030BR​

Sauce is delicious but messy, unless you have this handy basting bottle and brush. Baste to your heart's content without the fuss! 


Blue Rhino Insulated BBQ Gloves

Model: 40111BR

Careful, it's hot! Don't burn yourself! Use these insulated gloves so you can reposition or remove food from the grill without sharp utensils. 

Blue Rhino Wood Chip Smoker Box

Model: 40241BR​

Who says you can't smoke? With this smoker box, you can turn your gas, electric or charcoal grills into a gourmet smoker. Your mouth is already watering at the thought. 


Blue Rhino Flip & Flavor Marinade Tray

Model: 40248BR​

The Flip & Flavor tray is now making marinades easy for backyard chefs everywhere. Get ready to eat something flavorful!


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