CrossFire Portable LP Gas/Charcoal Grill

Model: GBT1709LR

What a set of features! Want to use charcoal? No problem. Prefer gas at other times? That's OK too. How about a powerful stainless steel burner and a handy warming rack? Check. Make it easy to start? Done. All in a handy, portable format? Yes.

Say hello to the Blue Rhino CrossFire grill.

CrossFire Portable LP Gas/Charcoal Grill

Model: GBT1508B

Who doesn't want to be in charge? Especially when camping, tailgating or cooking the family BBQ! That's the beauty of the dual fuel Blue Rhino Crossfire portable grill. It can be fueled by either LP gas or charcoal. It is packed with features, and so easy to transport. And it puts you in charge. Take a look!

CrossFire Portable LP Gas/Charcoal Grill

Model: GBT1508BB

Let's face it: when you are camping or tailgating, you carry a lot of stuff. Backyards can crowded too. But you still have hungry people to feed! Enter the dual fuel Crossfire portable LP grill. It's small and easy to transport. Also, it can be fueled by either LP gas or charcoal, it's easy to light, and simple to use. Learn more here!

CrossFire Portable Grill Bag

Model: 07414BR​

This large, heavy-duty with full length zipper bag is perfect for your CrossFire Portable Grill or any other portable grill.

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