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Grilling fork with pieces of pork at different levels of doneness, with the corresponding temperatures to the left.

Pork Temperature Guide

On behalf of the National Pork Board we are helping you grill your perfect pork chop or any pork recipe yet with this temperature guide.


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Blue Rhino Propane Exchange

Empty standard grill tank with arrow pointing down and the word "Drop" next to it.

DROP empty tank beside display

Empty standard grill propane tank on the left side, fresh Blue Rhino propane tank and the right side, arrow pointing to both tanks in between them. Word "Swap" next to them.

See store employee to SWAP empty tank for Blue Rhino

Fresh Blue Rhino propane tank on the right side, the word "Go" on the left side and an arrow pointing to the right, in between them.

GO enjoy your Blue Rhino propane tank

Grill on a outdoor patio with food on the cooking grids.

April Showers, Grilling Power

Defy April showers with rain-resistant grilling tips, quick recipes, and more!)

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